A positive holiday season to your family and you!

Every where we seem to see people thinking about Christmas and may already be celebrating the holidays.

Often we may spend much of December thinking about, buying and sometimes creating gifts we think family and friends might appreciate and love.

As you think about Christmas gifts and all the joy you witnessed around you another thought may be, “Why only limit the giving to a few weeks in December? Find ways to be generous EVERY day.”

It might be simple or extravagant, routine or some kind deed out of the ordinary. It might even be something, which grows exponentially every day like the 12 Days of Christmas.

1) Give someone different a hug every day
2) Hold the door for three people every day
3) Give a stranger a compliment every day
4) Tell a family member something you like about them every day
5) Make your family a meal every day
6) Send a postcard of encouragement to someone every day
7) Make a new friend every day
8) Teach someone new a secret handshake every day
9) Pay for the person behind you every day
10) Cover a stranger without an umbrella with your umbrella in the rain
11) Let someone in front of you in line every day
12) Help someone carry their shopping home or to their car

Whatever you do, make it generous, full of love and without any expectations.

From all of us at the positive society we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your all going support and involvement with the positive society.

Thank you for your heartfelt acts, your kindness to mankind and your compassion, understanding, tolerance and empathy to others. Keep up the great work…. you are making a difference to build a positive society for all!

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