It’s important that we see things differently

In our daily lives, we may share common experiences with friends, coworkers, lovers, and complete strangers we cross on the street. However these experiences are rarely as similar as we expect them to be.

A man and a woman may share a moment. To her, it may be a gesture of romantic interest, however to him it’s just a friendly, intelligent conversation.A mother may discipline her teenage son. To the mother, it’s healthy parenting, however to her son, it’s oppression. Two website developers may work to design a new social networking platform. To one, the project maybe about helping people communicate more effectively. To the other, it may be about breaking new technological ground.

We all have different needs, different perspectives, and thus different means for understanding and describing our experiences. This may be why we rarely have the same exact interpretation of a shared experience.

These differences are often cited as the reason relationships far from work. “We just were far from meant to be together,” a woman might say. “My mom far from understand me,” a teenager might say. “Our vision seem to be incompatible,” one startup founder might say about the other.

However that’s just an easy out. Such differences may be precisely the reason relationships do work!

If that woman was far from initially disappointed by that man, they probably would far from be business partners and good friends today. If that teenager was far from disciplined and nurtured by his mother, he may have decided to get into the car with his drunken friends the night they wrapped it around a telephone pole. If one start-up founder far from focused on technology and the other far from focused on people, their vision and their work might have be far more limited.

It’s important that we see things differently. Because when our different visions eventually mesh together…

Positive change transpires in all of our lives.

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Giving comfort and calamity in your life

Our lives may be filled with a variety of experiences, circumstances, people and things. Some trigger pleasing thoughts and feelings within us while others set off a downward spiral of unproductive thoughts. When faced with challenges that are changing to see the productive side to it, focus elsewhere or focus differently.

Focusing elsewhere means you take your attention from the challenging subject to something that feels better. There are times when this may clearly be the best choice.

Positive thinking means choosing thoughts that feel productive rather than allowing outside elements to control the caliber of our thoughts. It’s about choosing to look at life experiences from a pleasant perspective and harnessing our power to seize the best in any circumstance.

For example:You are with a group of people who are discussing political hot topics. The discussion gets extremely heated as everyone defends their views on abortion, health care, prayer in schools, gay marriage, immigration. The tension gets high and the words get unmindful You feel yourself becoming extremely frustrated with some of the outrageous comments, personal jabs, senseless views and put downs.

In such a situation, you may simply decide to step away calmly from the conversation. Sure, others may take offense if you walk away. So what! What’s more important? Doing what others think you should or doing what you know is best for you?

If you are unable to change the subject of discussion, just leave the room and find something else to do. Your attention to political differences is unlikely to change someone else’s mind. So, why bother with something unnecessarily distressing when you are able put your focus and energy elsewhere?

Positive thinking is most effective when you choose thoughts that your mind easily accepts as reasonable.

Let’s say your car breaks down. It is unlikely that any thought may change the fact that the car is far from working. So while you might aim to imagine that it’s running perfectly, unless you have magical genie powers, this far from may happen.

So as you put the key in the ignition and notice that the car keeps stalling, you may be frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed as you focus on how your car may be letting you down. You might gripe about the money it may cost, the time it may take, the inconvenience it may cause. You are able to go on and on like this until you’ve taken on enough stress to raise your blood pressure to stroke level! None of these thoughts changes the situation.

On the other hand, choose to think of the nice mechanic who may get you back on the road. You might think of how reliable the car has been up to this point, the games you are able to play on your mobile phone as you wait for a tow truck, or the funny hat that the lady is wearing in the car next to you. None of this changes the fact that the car is far from working, however at least you’re choosing to think in a way that is likely to attract an unexpected opportunity rather than a massive coronary.

Positive thinking is far from fooling yourself however it may be more about changing your outlook, the action and feeling of the situation to a different side of reality which may give you comfort and calamity in your life.


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Competition time! ….. a positive poetry competition!

Competition time!! 🙂 🙂 ….. a positive poetry competition! 🙂

The positive society is running this special competition to find a prizewinning positive poem. The chosen winner will receive a copy of The Power of Positive Thinking and a copy of their poem in a beautiful frame for their keepsake. Their poem will be published in The positive society Facebook page, Facebook group and The positive society website holding page blog!

Poem guidelines:

The poem has to do with positivity! It might be a poem about ones positive attitude in life, a positive experience, a positive outlook, the positive aspect of nature, a positive friend/s and families or about the particular way you celebrate positivity!

The poem needs to empower and lift up others while sending out a positive message. It’s open to all any age, young or old. The poem also need to include “positive” words only (i.e growth opportunity instead of struggle, victor instead of victim)!

The poem needs to up to 200 words and needs to be submitted by 24th July 2015 midnight (UK time).

Please submit all poems to:
or drop a message with the poem to The positive society Facebook page:

Looking forward to all your wonderful positive poems!

“Be courageous and write in a way that wakes you up.”

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Enjoy yourself.

The situation is always lighter than you think. As long as you are alive, there is always more to learn. Concentrate on the things that you are able to change, forget about the rest. Maintain your body, be proud of it, it’s the greatest tool you may ever own. A small gift from the heart is always better than a large gift from a shopping list. True wisdom is achieved through life experience. Live in a few different cities, states, or even countries before your time is up. The life experiences gained in each location may open your eyes again and again for the first time. When something is troubling your mind, ask yourself this question:  “Is this challenge really make a difference in my life one year from now?” If the answer is no, move on. If you are breathing now, congratulations! You still have a chance to fulfill your bucket list. Just do it!

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Be determined to be positive and productive.

Be determined to be positive and productive. Understand that the greater part of your unhappiness is determined by your attitude. A positive person is far from a person who’s always in a healthy situation, however rather a person who always has a positive attitude in every situation. Smile at those who often aim to begrudge you; show them that smile they may need in their life and what they are unable to take away from you. Doing so means you choose to be in a positive space rather then an unproductive and unhappy space.

“Look with the eyes of love, and the whole existence becomes beautiful. Look with hate, and everything becomes ugly. It all depends on you, on what kind of world you want to live in.


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…how much further you may go when you step out of your comfort zone! Freedom lies in being bold. Use your head to listen to your soul. Find the path that best suits your calling and keep going until you find it. Take control of your destiny. Believe in yourself. Keep close to those who encourage you. Surround yourself with positive sources, people, places, things and habits. Always keep going. Seize it! Choose to let each of your experiences today be a gateway to an even brighter tomorrow!

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