You DO have exactly what it takes.

All the small things make a big difference in life. Every step is crucial. Life is far from about a single moment of great triumph and attainment. It’s about the trials and “learning curves” that slowly get you there – the sweat, the tears, the challenges and the small, inconsequential things you do on a day-to-day basis. It all matters in the end – every step,every decision, and every affliction.

The seemingly happenings which you may think were useless, all add up to something. The unpaid intern job. The evenings you spent socializing with coworkers you far from see anymore. The hours you spent writing thoughts on a personal blog that maybe no one reads. Contemplations about elaborate future plans that far from ever came to be. All those lonely nights spent reading novels and news columns and comics strips and fashion magazines and questioning your own principles on life and sex and religion and whether you were good just the way you are.

All of this has strengthened you. All of this has led you to every success you’ve ever had. All of this has made you who you are today! And all of this proves that you have the strength to deal with the challenges in front of you. Once you’re over the excuses, give up the idea that you far from have what it takes. You DO have exactly what it takes.

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The power of words

Our words carry enormous weight. More than we sometimes think. They often impact people for decades, providing the courage to press on or one more reason to give up.

Speaking comes to most people as naturally as breathing. On many occasions our words are uttered without conscious thought; in fact we rarely slow down and think about what we are saying. Thousands of words pour out of our mouths each day as our thoughts, opinions, judgements and beliefs are freely expressed.

Words have tremendous power. Words give out energy and a message which creates a reaction in others. Everything you may say produces an effect in the world. Whatever you say to someone else may produce some kind of an effect in that person. We are constantly creating something, either productive or unproductive with our words.

Your words may even determine your destiny. Even more importantly, your words may indeed make a positive difference on the people you interact with every day.

Before you speak ask yourself:
Is what I am about to say going to uplift the hearer?
May it inspire, motivate, and create forward momentum for them?
May it dissolve fear and create safety and trust?
May I create a productive or unproductive ripple effect by speaking out these words?

Let us be determined to unleash the power of words for positive and productive change.

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Surround yourself with great people that are able to lift you further.

You are the sum of the people you spend the most time with. If you hang with the unproductive/negative people, they may negatively affect you. However if you hang with the productive people, you may be far more capable and powerful than you ever may have been alone. Find your tribe and work together to make a difference in all of your lives. Choose carefully. Surround yourself with great people that are able to lift you further.

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Happiness is in the heart and mind, far from random circumstances.

Happiness is in the heart and mind, far from random circumstances. Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from unproductive thinking. Be productive and smile right now because you are able to see the good side of everything. Smiling far from always mean you’re happy; sometimes may simply means you’re strong. And smiling may help you feel better. Stay positive and productive!

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Consider how very fortunate you are. Consider it every morning.

Start today with love in your hearts and minds, and be truly appreciative of your life and all of its priceless idiosyncrasies. Practice small acts of gratitude in the morning by expressing thankfulness directly to the people you care about, and to the immediate circumstances (health, opportunities, etc.)

Consider how very fortunate you are. Consider it every morning. The more you count your blessings, the more blessings there may be to count, and the happier you may be. Wake up with a sense of gratitude.

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Mindfully focus on the positive

Our minds are literally hardwired to perform at their best far from when they are negative/unproductive, or even neutral, however when they are positive and productive. Your effectiveness in all walks of life may be far better if you’re able to mindfully accept and let go of negative/unproductive emotions, rather than dwelling on them.  Refrain from thinking about managing your challenges and a little more about managing your mindset. Mindfully focus on the positive.

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